Friday, January 25, 2013

These Moments Make Me Smile :)

As a Mom I have front row seats to some of the best moments!  For example:

  • Benjamin says "My tummy really wants to go downstairs and play."  Everything is according to his tummy these days!  "My tummy wants to have friends over."  "My tummy doesn't want to go to bed."  Cracks me up!!!

  • Chloe playing the piano and making up her own song all about Jesus.  So sweet :)  Watching her excel in her swimming lessons and her excitement over what she's learning to do!  I love sharing in her joy!  

  • And of course there's Kara Rose!  What can I say about Kara?!  How about this morning I was a little upset with her and Ben because they had gotten into a bag of garbage that was just waiting to go out and spread it around their room that I had just cleaned.  Thankfully the garbage wasn't kitchen or bathroom garbage! Kara had to chime her two cents in "Ben! No garbage!" And she points to all the garbage and speaks very sternly!  As if she hadn't been in on the whole thing with him! Such a little Mama that one!  And lately she has taken to growling and trying to scare people!
Being a Mom is such a blessing and I'm so thankful to be here for all these moments with them!  Of course I'm the first to admit that a one way ticket for one sounds good in some moments - but thankfully I love my little munchkins and God sees me through those trying moments.  And I have all sorts of wonderful memories to carry me through :)    

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