Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Reasons to Love the 1st Trimester

For a lot of women the first trimester is simply to be endured.  After all there's morning sickness, an insane increase in the ability to smell, nausea, aches and pains, fatigue, mood swings and emotions that rival PMS any day!  There's also not to much to enjoy about being pregnant - no cute belly or cute maternity clothes.  I used to feel this way.  I used to just want the first trimester to be over so I could get to the good stuff: the baby kicking, watching my stomach rolling like ocean waves and being obviously pregnant so people don't just assume you're getting into too many chips at night.

But this is my fourth and a lot of things have changed for me!  So here's my list of why I love the first trimester:

  • I can still sleep on my stomach!
  • My hair doesn't fall out nearly as much as it usually does (although this is true for me for the whole pregnancy)
  • I can do nearly all the normal activities I'm used to doing - so long as I don't overdo
  • I can wear all my regular clothes
  • I'm not kept awake at night from insane kicking and rolling
  • My poor bladder isn't getting kicked
  • My rib cage is in a normal position and I have no problems breathing
  • It's still very easy for me to hold my 1 year old 
  • I can read a story with a child on my lap
  • I can eat a meal without it all ending up on my belly
  • It's easy to get behind a steering wheel
  • Giving someone a hug doesn't make me feel like I have really small arms
I have to admit that while I absolutely love being able to feel the baby moving it does cause quite a few discomforts!  I have developed a lot more patience than I used to have.  I know that the time will come very soon that I will experience all the pleasures of being more aware of my child and as a result I can enjoy the first trimester so much more than I used to.  It definitely helps that I'm not nearly as sick or fatigued as I have been in past pregnancies, and so far the aches and pains are mostly held at bay.  Maybe the patience comes with age - I am after all 6 years older now than I was when pregnant with my first child.  Or maybe it comes with experience.  Whatever the case it is a wonderful thing to be content with where you are and not spend the entire trimester waiting for what's coming next!

Taken just before I found out I was pregnant - Spent a few hours digging out my carrots from their warm cozy home in a hole in my garden.  If I had known I was pregnant I would have understood why it wore me out so much!!


  1. Haha I like the last one about you hugging and feeling like you have short arms :)

  2. I was always in a hurry to have a real belly and feel the baby. that time is too short for me everytime! I do believe I was also clutsy(food landing on lap) through the whole pregnancy, no escaping that in the first tri!

    1. I guess I am lucky then - although there was one meal recently when I finished and then noticed my belly was full of crumbs!


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