Thursday, October 10, 2013

Two in Diapers

This is the 3rd time in my life that I have had 2 in diapers :)  And it's really not so bad.  I find actually that having a newborn makes it easier to remember to change the toddler!  I think it is because the toddler is off busy and playing and it's so easy to just let them stay in their diaper.  In my opinion Kara is close to being toilet trained - and she might be already if I had more time to focus on it.  I'm hoping that when William is a little older I'll be able to help her learn to use the toilet.  She really dislikes her diapers and I've resorted to using disposable diapers when she's sleeping - due to the fact that she takes her diaper off as soon as she's in bed!  With the disposables I am able to tape the tabs so that she can't.  Right now they are both in cloth diapers (except when Kara's in bed).  I don't have much time to write right now so I'll just leave you with this sweet picture of my changing table :)

I love using my washing machine to change their bottoms!  It is right by the bathroom so  it is easy to get my cloths wet (I use cloth wipes I made myself out of old flannel).  I store the diapers in the cupboard above the machine.  It is also easy to clean the solids off of Kara's diapers, and it's easy to put all the dirty diapers into the diaper pail which I store in a bathroom cupboard.  And then when it's time to wash, the pail is close to the washing machine where they get cleaned :)  It's a wonderful system that is so much more convenient than I had set up in my previous home!  Another bonus of the washing machine/change table is that it is just the right height for changing them.  I don't have to bend over of kneel on the floor.  And don't my sweeties look so cute entertaining each other?!