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In November of 2009 my husband, TR, was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.  Colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease similar to Crohns but different :) I started this blog after we tried changing our diet to improve his health - as a way to document and share with family how things were going.  It is great for me to look back and see the journey that God has been taking us on and the challenges and joys we've experienced!

Since we've changed our diet we had a beautiful daughter, Kara and with all my new knowledge of healthy eating I had the best pregnancy and delivery of all my three kids.  I was constantly borrowing books from the library (ask my librarian!) to learn about what a healthy pregnancy really is.  So many of those authors talk about new age beliefs and put great emphasis on things I would consider satanic.  Perhaps you would consider that a strong word to use, but it definitely goes against God.  These authors often suggest that you find your inner strength.  I believe our strength comes from God.  They suggest you talk to the baby and that as a woman you possess the powers to cause changes.  I believe that it is through prayer and God's powers that changes can be made (for example, the baby being breech and then turning).  I think that these books still have a lot of good advice and knowledge to offer, but I wish that there were more Christian authors who would speak about a natural pregnancy and what that looks like.  I'm not about to write a book just yet, but I would like to offer my Christian perspective on a natural pregnancy and what I am learning about it.  So for a while this blog will focus on my pregnancy with our fourth child. 

I have been married for nearly 8 years and have three children, Chloe, Benjamin and Karalyna.  We live in a northern Canadian small town close to my family.  I love to garden and dream about living in the country with a ton of animals.  I love to read and learn about new things, although I really can't be bothered with fiction. 

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