Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What Have We Been Up To?

So what have we been up to lately? Here's a little peak :)

We've been eating spelt!  Watermelon never tasted so good as it did with fresh spelt roll cookies (a mennonite thing) fried in coconut oil!

I've been washing lots of dishes!  Of course I always wash lots of dishes.  I think it's so cute how Benjamin got down towards the floor to get the compost bucket into the picture :)

We've been working playing outside - lots!  Here the kids are helping me load dirt into the wheel barrow for the garden.

We've been looking at acreages.  We're really hoping to sell our house in town this summer and move to the nearby country.  Chloe was really excited because this place we are looking at in the picture has a spot for campfires :)

We got to watch TR work!  He was drilling some holes here in town and we went and watched him for a while.  Then we got to go across the street and buy him a cold drink - which the kids thought was so very exciting :)

We went "camping" at my parents place.  We didn't really camp, but we did hang out and sleepover all weekend.  My siblings came out as they could and we had a grand old time.  I hardly took any pictures, but here Chloe is sewing on Nana's machine a quilt for the new baby.

That used to be a cookie!  Kara had lots of fun "camping" too :)

Dreaming of a potential acreage and making plans :) 

I have been loving having fresh lettuce right outside my door! 

Picked some mint leaves and they are soaking in vodka as we speak - can't wait to try some homemade mint extract!

Love these 3!!!

Chloe has been playing soccer twice a week for the last while.  Yesterday was her last one. 

When we go to soccer this one just loves to run and run in all that wide open space :)

Having fun after soccer

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


This baby is coming soon!  Can hardly believe that the time is drawing near to meet this little one.  In appr. 2 - 2.5 months we will meet face to face :):):):)

In the meantime I am tired.  This week has felt especially challenging and I am ready for a new start.  With summer comes so much busyness for me.  I love to garden and be outside - but alas the inside of the house also needs attention.  Between the two there's not much time for resting and my body is not liking that so much!  It doesn't help that this baby loves to sit on all my organs making things interesting :)

On a positive note - I think I am finally adjusting better to sleeping with a belly :)  I feel that on average I am sleeping much better than a month ago.  Hurray!

*edited to add*

I should also just say a little about heartburn.  Seems that it comes on in the evenings no matter what I have or haven't eaten.  In fact, it seems to be worse if I haven't eaten in a while.  If I go without eating during the day I will often get heartburn then also - but generally it is worst in the evening.  I have found that if I have a bit of milk just before going to bed that it lessens enough that I can go to sleep.  For a while the heartburn came every  night - now it comes less severe and some nights I don't need any milk at all.