Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just tip toeing the gluten

We've made the plunge (sort of) into being gluten free.  Maybe it's more like we put our toes in.  But it's a start!  I've purchased a variety of flours, starches and gums from the city and I've begun to bake with them.  We still haven't switched our bread over, but one of these days I have plans to pull out the bread bowl and give it a whirl :)  So far I've made muffins, brownies, cookies, pizza dough, wraps, pie crust and pancakes.  And they have all tasted awesome!!  TR told me that the cookies were the best homemade cookies he'd ever tasted!!  I've already heard twice from him how much he's been enjoying the baking, once from him and once from his Mom whom he had told.  The kids love it too.  They just gobble it down.  I actually find it much easier to bake with than the freshly ground wheat flour. 
As to if it's working . . . I guess I don't know.  We're still not completely gluten free so I'm not really expecting too much of a change.  I know that personally my stomach/bowels seem to be happier. 
Hopefully soon our house will be gluten free and I'll be prepared enough to take food with us when we go out so that we can give it a real test. 

p.s. In regard to the dip I mentioned in the last post - I tried using just yogurt and found I didn't like it.  The mayo helps to cut the sourness.