Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dear Baby,

My dear child, 
You are hidden from my view.  I don't know your name or your face.  I don't know what you like or what makes you sad.  But you are mine, and while I don't know you yet, I will.  In a few short weeks you will be big enough to make yourself more known to me.  I will feel you move.  
Your big sister Chloe asks me all the time when she will be able to feel you kicking.  I tell her that maybe by her birthday.  I hope that she can feel you by then, what a wonderful birthday present that would be for her.  She loves you so much already.  She is so anxious to hold you and be a little mama to you! 

A few days ago, Chloe, Benjamin and Kara (I can't wait for you to meet them!) were sitting on the couch together and I was imagining you beside them.   I just know that you are going to make our family more complete and add so much laughter and joy!  Right now it feels like a long time until we can meet you but I know that in a while we won't even remember what life was like before you.  

How happy we are that you are growing and that God has given you life!  You were made by our Creator and He loves you so much!  He has a plan for your life and a special purpose.  While you are hidden from my eyes, He sees you.  He is knitting you in my womb.  It is my prayer above all other prayers for you that you will know Him.  That your heart and soul will remember that it was He who made you.  It is He who loves you more than any other.  He loves you more than I ever could.  And I love you a lot!  I pray that you will love Him and seek Him and that your days would be filled with His joy and guidance in your life.  You can so many things on this earth my child, but my biggest dream for you is that you would love Him with all of your heart and soul and that you would follow His leading.  

So rest my darling, while you can - I know that once you are born you may not rest as well!  If Kara is as gentle with you as she is with kittens you may be in for a surprise!  We are so happy you are growing and that God has blessed you to us! 



  1. oh Miranda! you made me cry!

  2. and I can't wait to meet the little stinker :) <3


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