Friday, July 5, 2013

Tomatoes and a Picture

About a month and a half ago I splurged and bought a flowering tomato plant from the greenhouse. I'd started all the rest of my tomato plants from seed myself, but they were nowhere near as big. And I was craving tomatoes. Big time. And now I am finally reaping the rewards!

Don't they look amazing?!?!  They taste amazing too :) 

I have to admit that I ate more than my fair share and was not feeling sorry in the least that my kids didn't want to eat any.  Maybe once there are so many that I can't keep up I will consider forcing them to try some - but for now I am very okay with it.  This sandwich has mayo, fresh basil that I started from seed and the tomatoes, and is all sitting on a homemade spelt bun.  Yum!!

35 Weeks

Kara wanted to be in the picture too :)

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