Monday, July 8, 2013

Taking a Break and Having Some Fun in the Park

This summer is becoming one of busyness and craziness and is fast becoming overwhelming.  We have sold our house and hope to buy an acreage.  If everything works out we will be gaining possession of it as early as next week.  It needs a lot of work before we can move in.  It hasn't been lived in for years and does not even have insulation or walls where the bedrooms are supposed to be.  It has no water supply and the sewer system looks questionable.  Thankfully TR is planning on taking some time off to work on it and get it liveable before we have to move out of this place.  We're also looking forward to the help of his Dad and brother who will be coming up.  In the midst of all this there is my garden.  There is packing this house.  There is having a baby. 

There is also my 3 children who love to go to the park.

And so, despite my growing list of to-do, we headed out early one morning and walked/biked to the library and visited the park.  

 We made some great memories.  Kara learned how to independently "do it myself!" both up and down the slide :)

Chloe had a blast showing me all the tricks she could do :)

Ben learned lots of neat tricks too :)

We ate mango with our fingers 'cause Mom forgot the forks.  (I just have to say that I could not stomach the thought - remember they were just playing with sand!  But to them it was just exciting!) 

And we enjoyed a leisurely walk/bike back home.  

What you don't see is the messy house and my list completely unchecked when we got back home.  But it was worth it.  I am hoping that in between all the chaos and busyness of this summer we will have still made lots of great memories and enjoyed spending time together in the great outdoors.  Because like anyone who lives here knows - summer goes by so quickly.

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