Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Busy Summer Days

A good friend (who is also pregnant) was over the other day and we were discussing pregnancy and what it's like when you're so close the end.  She still has a few months to go and was saying how nice it was to get to the nesting stage.  That little surge of energy right at the end that helps you get all sorts of things done. 

And I was sad to admit that I don't know that I've ever felt that.  Right now I am only 2-4 weeks away from meeting this little one and there is no nesting in sight.  I also can't recall nesting with any of my other babies.  *sigh* 

But even still I am getting lots done - and most days my energy levels are not too bad.  A few days in the last month I've laid down for a nap, but most days I can function without them.  Since our house has sold I've been trying really hard to get things organized and sorted and whatever is possible to pack up.  Thankfully I've had some wonderful people come over to help!

I've also been trying to get some sewing done.  Some of my cloth diapers are 3 years old and they have been used for 3 years (not on the same child :) straight.  And washed every 2-3 days.  And they are falling apart! 

With another baby on the way I decided that I needed to have a few more diapers on hand!  I bought some newborn sized covers and sewed some fitted diapers to use with snappi's (I wanted these especially for the beginning so I can adjust them to accommodate the umbilical cord), and some prefolds.  But I remembered that when Kara was little it didn't take long and her and Ben were using the same prefolds inside their wraps - so I also made some bigger prefolds too.  Also Benjamin still needs something for bedtime and he was getting very upset at needing to wear diapers (and I just couldn't justify the price of pullups (plus they don't come in the "greener" version of disposable diapers) so I decided to sew him some nighttime shorts. (another thing about the cloth pull ups is that he can really tell once he's peed in them.)  It took me quite a few tries to find a pattern that I liked.  But I've finally sewn him some nighttime shorts that work well and that he likes to wear.  I will try to take a picture of them soon.  I also decided that my cloth wipes were looking pretty sorry and so I sewed up a batch of some new ones. 

When I've not been sewing or packing I've been trying to do some gardening and harvesting.  I've made some rhubarb concentrate and canned it.  I canned 7 chickens and then boiled the bones and canned the broth.  I've been picking and freezing peas.  I've been trying to weed a little and water the garden.  Thankfully my Mom has taken on the task of my garden that is at her place.  What a relief that is to not have to go out there and tend it!  The rabbit hutch was in serious need of clean straw so I emptied that and laid out clean bedding.  I don't even want to tell you how wiped I was when that was done!

TR has been away for work which has been quite difficult in some ways and easier than I thought it would be in others.  I think it really helps that it's summer time and we've been so busy during the days.  Benjamin is saying goodnight to him in the above picture :)

Cookies for breakfast is something that my kids (especially Kara and Ben) really enjoy!  They think they're getting something special but what they don't know is that these almond flour cookies are actually pretty healthy :)

With so much busyness going on Chloe actually fell asleep during quiet time!  Pretty much never happens unless she's sick.  I found her like this with the stereo right up to her ear :)


Chloe asked me if we could have a picnic outside and I just really wanted to say "no".  I was busy trying to box up some things and just didn't want to take the time for it.  But I said "yes" anyway and was so thankful that I did.  She set up the picnic area (not quite sure why she wanted it roped off) and we had a lovely lunch outside.  

I was feeling really stressed for a while that the baby would come and I would be unprepared.  So a couple weeks ago I took out all the newborn things and washed them and put them in the dresser.  Still not sure that I'm ready for the baby to come just yet (I still have so much to do!!!) but at least now I can relax that when the baby does come it will be clothed and swaddled in clean clothes and blankets :)

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