Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Pull Ups

Here is a picture of the cloth pull ups I made:

We actually call them pull up shorts :)  Aren't they fun?!  I tried many different patterns and this is the best one.  I have to admit that I was just about ready to give up on sewing him some when I found this pattern.  I watched a video tutorial and then found another tutorial without video.  Between the two this is what I came up with.  Not all that much fun to sew - but worth it!  Ben can wear these and not feel like he is wearing a diaper.  I can do up the snaps and he can pull them on himself.  Then in the morning or if he needs to use the bathroom he can either pull them down or unsnap them.  They are a pocket diaper - here is a picture of the inside:

The outside fabric is cotton and just scraps that I had in my sewing box.  The inside is flannel scraps.  I put elastic in the back and the by the legs and in the tabs.  The elastic was the worst part.  I would have loved to not use elastic, but that is what helps to hold in the pee :) 

I have found that they are not 100% leak proof.  But he tends to pee. A. Lot.  So on the nights when he doesn't pee as much then his jammies are still dry but on the nights that he doesn't . . . his jammies get wet - but usually not enough to wet his bed. 

Here is one of the tutorials I used. 
Here is a video tutorial.  It is a 4 part series - once you click on the first video you should be able to find the rest. 


  1. Wanna sew some for Carter? LOL I'm just kidding!! They look great!

  2. I wish I could! If baby #4 wasn't coming so soon . . . and if I wasn't trying to move . . . I totally would!


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