Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Feels so Close!!

It feels like the days are just melting away.  It has been very hot here lately - but that's not what I mean.  The day we get to meet our baby is coming so quickly!

Life has become very busy and while I knew this summer would be busy, I had no idea that it would be like this.  We have sold our house in town and are in the process of buying an acreage in the nearby country.  Thankfully we have 2 months before we need to move out of our house.  The busy part is that the place we're in the process of buying needs a lot of work.  We're really hoping to have the acreage house ready so we can just move from here to there.  By the time we move our baby will be 2-3 weeks old!  Yikes!  I'm really hoping to have as much packed up as possible before he/she arrives.  So on top of gardening and keeping up with regular housework/chores I am packing. 

I've started by going through all the clothes in my storage room.  I've also been getting Baby's clothes out and setting them aside.  *sigh*  I can hardly wait to meet him/her!! 

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