Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Why I Refused the Diabetes Test

If I was 22 year old me and pregnant with my second child I would have had a yucky tasting pop-like beverage yesterday.  I would have sat for an hour and had my blood taken to test whether I had markers for gestational diabetes. 

But now I am no longer that woman.  Now I ask questions.  I have doubts.  I have concerns about what exactly they are giving me. 

I refused the test with Kara.

I refused the test with this baby too. 


Orange/Fruit Punch/Lemon Lime flavors:

Dextrose from corn
Citric Acid from corn
Natural Flavoring corn
Sodium Benzoate
Yellow #6
Purified Water

Simply Pure flavor:

Dextrose from corn
Potassium Sorbate
Purified Water

If found this list of ingredients for the drink here.

Do you know that the test does not reveal whether or not you have diabetes?  Which of those ingredients in the above list do you suppose are actually good for my unborn baby?  Or even good for me?  Do you know that if you have diabetes there will be sugar in your urine that a routine test in the clinic.  I am thankful to have a doctor that does not pressure me into doing it "just because everyone else is".  I have no other indicators for g.diabetes - the primary one they can see without the test is the sugar in urine.  When I was pregnant with Kara I did take a blood test without drinking the "pop" to test for sugar levels.  I told the doctor I would take the drink if my blood gave any indication that I might have diabetes.  If you google it you can read of people who have taken alternative drinks before having their blood tested. 

Why am I so against it? 

Mostly because of the ingredients.  I see no reason to subject myself and my baby to them just because I am pregnant.  It is hard enough for me to stay away from harmful things without doing it for no reason.  If ever there was concern that I had diabetes I would search for an alternative drink and then take the test.  But for now I feel good about refusing the test.

Do I suggest you do the same?

I suggest that you think about it.  Do a little research.  You don't have to just blindly do whatever the medical community says without knowing more about it.           

* This is my own opinion - make sure you do your own research before refusing the test.

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  1. I agree! I can't believe all the things I've done blindly trusting. That ingrediant list is awful! why in the world do they need to make it like that. I agree that it is a useless test.


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