Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wheat Free on Vacation

TR and I had a lovely 6 day vacation. We had a wonderful vacation and were able to relax and refresh. A lot of people where we live like to go where it's warm when they vacation - especially during our cold months. We're not like most people and so while we did travel south we didn't go where it was much warmer and that suited us just fine :)

 Traveling while nearly 6 months pregnant and unable to eat wheat was interesting, but actually much easier than I'd expected - for which I was very thankful!  The hardest was when we were driving.  Have you ever walked into a convenience store and noticed how much wheat is on the shelves?  Stopping by fast food isn't a very safe option either.  But I was able to find some things to eat.  A granola bar at one place, some healthier chips in another.  We stopped by a grocery store and picked up some cheese, fruit and gluten free salami.   I found the restaurants to be very accommodating.   Some even had gluten free written right in the menu!  One restaurant brought out gluten free bread to dip into oil/vinegar before our meal.  Another had a gluten free sandwich on their menu.  When I asked if there was any wheat in the meal I wanted, not one looked at me like they had no idea what I was talking about.  I enjoyed some very good meals and experienced nearly no stomach pains.  It was great!!  I am so thankful for all the people who have gone before me.  I know that not too long ago most people didn't understand Celiac (I don't have Celiac, just a wheat sensitivity) and it was extremely difficult to find food without gluten.   I am surely reaping the benefits!   

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