Friday, May 17, 2013

When You are Negative

I've done some posts lately that show my frustration with the medical system.  I thought it was time I posted about how thankful I am for a certain needle that has brought joy to my family! 

Thankful?  For a needle?  Joy?  YES! 

You see, my blood type is negative.  Which means that if I have a baby with positive blood there could be serious consequences.  If you're not familiar with what RH Negative means, check out this website - they can describe it better than I.  Here's an excerpt:

If you're Rh-negative and carrying a baby who is Rh-positive (like the baby's father), your baby may be at risk for a serious disease. When your immune system (which fights off invaders to keep you healthy) is exposed to your baby's Rh-positive blood, it will begin producing antibodies that are sensitized (designed specifically) to destroy these "foreign" blood cells.
If this is your first pregnancy, chances are everything will be fine. These sensitized antibodies are typically not dangerous until subsequent pregnancies, when they've had time to grow in strength and number. However, all subsequent pregnancies would be at great risk. That is why you must act now to prevent your immune system from being exposed to Rh-positive blood.


TR has positive blood.  For me that means that I would have Chloe.  Only Chloe.  No Benjamin. No Karalyna Rose.  (Ben and Kara both have positive blood) If the latter two had managed to live after being attacked by my body they would likely suffer from serious health complications.  

Last week I had to receive the Rhogram shot that protects my unborn baby from my immune system.  I was doing some research the night before to see exactly what is in the needle.  I was a little afraid to find out because what could I do if they put nasty things in there like they do in vaccinations?  I'm still not entirely sure what they all put in the needle.  I know that they use consenting adults blood.  Blood that has been thoroughly screened against diseases.  It is a little scary to think about someone elses blood being put into my veins!  But mostly I am just very thankful that there is this option for me.  The thought of becoming pregnant again and again only to lose my baby because my own body is fighting against them is enough to make me very willing to hope that there is nothing wrong with the injection!  I am thankful that a negative woman like  me and a positive man like TR can have such sweet lovely babies that bring us so much joy. 

I would like to just say that I have 5 sisters.  2 of them have already had children and they both know they have positive blood.  I inherited my negative blood from my Mom.  I am so curious to see what my other 3 sisters blood type is and whether they will need the shots.  So far in my journey as a Mom I can't recall any other who needs this needle.  My Mom needed it, I need it.  I can't remember what Chloe's blood type is, but I know that Kara is positive.   I know that I am in the minority (the site says that 15% of Caucasian women are negative), but I'm curious if there's any other Mom's out there who have benefited from these shots?

I know I have a lot of negative things to say about our medical system - but I also know that they save many lives.  And two of those lives are Ben and Kara.  For that I am very very thankful.  The system isn't perfect and I don't trust them blindly anymore, but God has used them to also do much good and for that I am very thankful.  Thankful that I live in this country where I can have these shots.  Thankful that God has given life to my children.


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