Saturday, May 11, 2013

27 Weeks

This pregnancy is just flying by!  It amazes me how easy it is to be distracted from this baby.  I will sometimes go for hours without noticing any movements.  Not that this baby is not active!  So far this baby seems to be just like all my other ones - lots of movement :) 

When we came home from our vacation it was as if I "popped" as the saying goes.  All of a sudden I felt very pregnant.  Up until then my belly was hidden in certain shirts, I wasn't too uncomfortable sleeping, or walking or bending.   Now sleeping can be difficult, it's becoming uncomfortable to bend over, to have a child on my lap while reading . . . Ah well.  Such is the way it goes when you are only about 3 months away.  I am becoming so excited to meet this little one!  I can hardly wait to introduce him/her to Chloe, Ben and Kara and see their reactions.  Chloe is so cute - she's always so careful when she hugs me so she "doesn't hurt the baby".  She makes sure she doesn't knock me off balance :)  Today in the store she says "Mom I miss you.   Do you know why I miss you even though I can see you?  It's because you're pregnant!"  Not sure exactly what she meant!  But she talks about the baby and my growing belly all the time.  She was made to be the biggest sister :) 

Chloe took this picture of me when we were visiting our bunnies this afternoon:)

Despite all the discomforts and aches and pains it is such a blessing to be able to carry new life.  It is such a gift and I treasure this time with my baby when it's just me and him/her.  


  1. you are so cute!!!!

  2. What a special connection you have with your daughter! <3


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