Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tomato Soup

I have been very uninterested in cooking lately.   But as my family still has to eat, I still have to cook!  The trouble is I want food, I want good food, but I want something different.  It's times like these I'm especially thankful for the variety of foods available to me!  I've read so many pioneer stories where the menu stayed the same all through the winter.  The only variation would come when they ran out of something.  So when I find myself craving a different flavour or texture, I'm thankful for all the options.

Last night I just wanted something but I didn't know what.  I knew all the things I didn't want though!  No chicken, no beef.  Which leaves . . . pretty much nothing in my house.  Then out of the blue I remembered something I haven't eaten in a very long time.  Tomato soup.  Tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches!  I remembered that I even had a can of store bought tomato soup.  I was going to take the easy way out and just make that - how much easier does it get?  But, luckily for me, the canned soup has wheat in it.  

Since the canned soup was out that left making it from scratch myself.  This is how I made it:

- organic crushed tomatoes (from a can)
- chicken broth (homemade)
- dash of thyme
- chopped onion
- tomato powder (I ground up some dried tomatoes in my coffee grinder) - this helps it to thicken

Boil on the stove for a while.  I didn't boil it very long, maybe only 25 minutes.  If I had allowed myself more time I would have started much earlier and let if simmer for longer.  I strained the onions off, but you could blend them in or leave them if you like chunks.  Add a generous amount of cream.  I also added some feta cheese to mine - soooo good!  Enjoy with grilled cheese sandwich :)

I was amazed at how good it tasted!  Absolutely full of flavour!!!!  I'm very thankful that the store bought tomato soup has wheat in it!  The soup I made was full of good ingredients I could feel good about (and good after eating too!).  It had some homemade chicken broth which is also so very healthy.  And while it wasn't 100 % tomatoes from my garden, they were organic tomatoes and the powdered tomatoes were from my garden.  And that feels good to me :)

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  1. that sounds so good!! we love tomato soup! I don't worry about a few canned things when you've already eliminated so much other "bad" ingrediants. I must try this soon! But first I need to make my GF bread.


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