Saturday, March 23, 2013

20 Weeks

I am now 20 weeks!  Exciting, yet not. . .

Exciting because only 20-22 or so weeks until we get to meet this little one!

Not so exciting because by the time this baby is born summer will be nearly over.  If the rest of this pregnancy goes by as quickly summer will be here and gone before I blink . . .

So far the second trimester has been going very well.  The hardest part for me is dealing with back/leg pain from working.  Last time I overdid it it took over a week before I was finally feeling like I could walk without too much trouble.  Of course then I had to go and wash my floor (which I do by hand on my knees) and then stand in the kitchen for a few hours.  I find it very frustrating that I get sore so quickly.  Maybe if I could get into the habit of stretching and working out some I would get stronger and not have this problem.  But Spring is nearly here and then I will be so much more active and maybe that will help too.  I can feel the baby is moving so much now.  Nothing strong enough to keep me up at night or cause me to be uncomfortable - just light movements that bring great joy.  I love feeling the life within me!  We are busy thinking of names and I am working on new diapers and yesterday I tried making the baby some pants.  It is so exciting to think of meeting this one soon!! 

You can't see the 4th one because Kara's on my lap, but here I am with my 4 kiddos :)


  1. Its great that your feeling well!
    I'm not to sure why you choose to wash the floors on your hands & knees, however, if I may make a suggestion that will make your life a million times easier?

    I purchased one of these. It uses just steam to wash floors. It works like a charm!! I've had mine for over 2 years now and it has saved me so much backache. I know your not into chemicals, but I use a spray bottle with a mix of Mr. Clean and water that I spray on the floor then steam it. Works amazing!

    Using just the steam from the mop works very well too. Just a thought!

  2. EeeeeeeeeK!!!! so exciting!! I love all that baby preparing and there is nothing like feeling babe move!! Are you spilling your names?

  3. Oh I understand the soreness to the point of having a hard time walking!! I've experienced that so much sooner with this pregnancy, and it is tough!
    Love the movements, that's just the best time! I can't wait until I can feel this one too! You look great, love the picture of you with your four kiddos :)


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