Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Adding Sleeves to Gloves/Mittens

I know it is almost Spring and we're all waiting ever so anxiously for the snow to melt - but I've been wanting to post this for a while and if I wait until next Fall to post this  . . . well, you know how life with a new baby is!  It will probably never get posted :) So here it is!

How to Add Sleeves or extensions onto your childs (or yours if you want them) gloves or mitts:

1. Find some old socks.  I used some of my wool socks that had holes in the toes but the rest of the sock was still in great condition.  I'm sure that any sock will do, but warmer is probably better.  Also it's good if it will be big enough to fit over your child's jacket sleeve. (I ended up just using the two pairs on the right).
2. Cut the foot off of the sock.  For Benjamin's I cut off a lot more and left Chloe's longer, although in hindsight I left Chloe's too long.  The length of Ben's is pretty much perfect. (pictured here are the ones I cut for Chloe - they could've been shorter)

3. Fold the sock piece inside out and stuff it inside the glove.  Make sure that the finished side of the sock is on the inside so that you are sewing on the raw (cut) side of the sock. 
4. Using needle and thread sew the sock and glove together. 
Chloe helped me sew them together. 
5. Repeat for remaining socks/gloves.  It hardly took any time at all!  I am actually a little surprised at how quickly I was able to finish them. 
6. Wear them outside and have fun in the snow!  You can either wear them over the jacket sleeve or underneath. 

I am so very pleased with how they turned out! My kids have been wearing them for the last 3 months and they are holding up very well.  I used to have to readjust their mitts all the time while they were playing outside.  They used to complain that their hands were cold.  Now they play outside for a long time and say they are warm.  Their mitts never have to be readjusted and I didn't have to spend any more money on different gloves!

p.s. The inspiration for these sleeve additions came from a lady in Church who had bought gloves for her girls that looked like they had baby warmers attached to them.  I'm sure that reusing your own baby warmers would also work really well.


  1. I have to say, thats a brilliant idea! I will be borrowing your idea if your ok with that once my children get a tiny bit older and can wear bigger mittens.

  2. I keep meaning to do this....but never remember! It is the best idea!

  3. I did a similar thing last winter for my son because I was so tired of how cold his little wrists always got when playing in the snow. I just used regular crew socks but I think using the really warm wool ones would be a great idea!


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