Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Calendula Oil

I like to keep things natural!  It is such a wonderful thing to learn new skills and ways of creating things.  I have found such satisfaction in doing things myself instead of just reaching for something off the shelf that was made from who knows what and then paying for it.  Over the last few years I have made diaper cream, sun screen lotion, recrafted soap, body cream, laundry soap, scouring powder - and just recently I made my own shaving cream and tooth"paste"!  There are so many more things I'd love to try!

I've also been learning a lot about different herbs and uses for them.  It was so great to see Chloe running out to get plantain last fall for a small cut :)  I put some of them into olive oil and then used them in my creams.  One of them is calendula.  I grew this calendula myself.  I didn't have lots of plants, but boy did I ever get lots of petals from them!  Every time you take one off it grows more!  So throughout the summer my small patch kept giving and giving.

Yes it is dusty on the lid.  I on purpose did not remove it before taking the picture!  I put the calendula and oil in that jar on Sept. 4 of last year, put it up on a high shelf where it would stay warm but out of direct sunlight and then neglected it.  I already had some calendula oil that was ready that I was using for creams so this one just sat there.  As I was cleaning up the last of the pumpkins that I had sitting there beside it I decided it was time to take it down!  I strained the oil off and this is the result:

Isn't it pretty? I just love looking at the beautiful colour it made!  From a green extra virgin olive colour to this orange :)  I promptly used some in Kara's bath water.  Not so great for the bath toys but wonderful for her skin! I also applied it to her diaper area when she had some sore skin.  I have also used it in making diaper creams. 

You can also use calendula in cooking and as a tea, but I haven't used it that way yet.  

The next way I want to use it is as a facial toner!  Being pregnant has not done wonders for my skin at all and I've heard very positive reports from people who have done oil cleanses on their face.   Between the oil and calendula's healing properties maybe my skin will improve :)

And just for fun here's a few recent pictures of my sweet kiddos :)

 She absolutely loves her baby :)

 So proud of herself for making her own toast :)

Having a blast outside.  He just loves the outdoors!

Daddy made it home just before they were in bed one day last week and they were so very happy to see him!  I don't think Kara stopped squealing until she was in bed :)  TR has been working so much lately and what a real treat it was that he could kiss them goodnight - and toss them in the air and throw them on the couch and tickle them breathless first of course :)


  1. I can't believe that orange shirt is still kicking around! I bought that for Kaitlyn when she was 18 months!

    1. That shirt is a real favorite in our house!


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