Thursday, March 14, 2013

Newborn Diapers!!!

The newborn diaper covers I ordered have come in!!!  A little surreal :) 

I am very excited to begin with cloth - I'm sure we'll still use disposables from time to time, but hopefully these diapers will fit the baby.  My girls also really love the diapers and had so much fun putting them on their baby's (Kara needed a little help of course :).  Benjamin didn't seem to excited about them, but that's just the way it is.  Girls just love babies :)  And my girls are no exception. 

Kara's doll is wearing the new diaper cover and Chloe's doll is wearing the Baby's new sleeper,
with a diaper underneath of course :)

In other news I have finished Baby's blanket!  Hurray!  And with lots of time to spare - it is still cold and miserable outside.  So now I am thinking about doing a few other sewing projects before Spring hits.  I'm dreaming of making the baby some new fitted diapers and using some old wool sweaters I found at a yard sale last Fall to make some covers or pants.  I did actually make 1 new fitted diaper a few days ago and am itching to get it out again and make some more! 

I must admit that I love how the blanket turned out.  I really wasn't sure when I picked out the scraps - but it turned out so great!  Never mind that the elephant somehow moved while I was stitching it on (I guess he wants to walk downhill?) or that the quilting of the three layers caused some bunching.  It is perfect and it feels so cozy, not stiff, but soft and perfect for wrapping our sweet babe in!   Now it just needs a few times through the wash to get that awful stinky laundry soap out (whatever these scraps were laundered in before was obviously chemically scented, yuck!) and hung out to air for a few days and it will be ready :) :)

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  1. EeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeK, Those diapers make me want a baby too!!!! How fun!
    And I love your blanket! I didn't even notice the elephant was downhill until you said it! :)


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