Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Turkey Dinner

How do you make a healthy turkey dinner? Easy. Well, mostly easy.

~ Organic Chicken or turkey. No this is not going to be from your grocery store :) We used chicken that we bought this summer from a local farmer. I'm not entirely certain if it's organic, but definitely healthier than the grocery store variety.

~ Mashed potatoes. From the garden of course! Mashed with butter and cream. Ideally this would have been organic cream, but alas G.P. is so far away :(

~ Corn. I would love it if I had a place to buy organic corn. But since I just couldn't imagine our supper without it, the stuff from the can just had to suffice. I say this because corn is genetically modified and therefore a big "no-no" on our list.

~ Stuffing. Made from homemade brown bread. Seasoned with the regular spices, butter, chicken broth that I made myself. (It also had some store bought chicken broth because the first time we ate it was at Mom's and I forgot to bring my own. When we had it for leftovers I added some more spices and broth 'cause it was lacking in flavour)

~ Gravy. Made from the broth I made from our chicken bones. Thickened with organic oat flour. (super good! I think I will always use oat flour as a thickener. It is a lot smoother than whole wheat flour)

~ Pumpkin pie. Homemade crust made with butter and whole wheat flour. Homegrown pumpkin, spices, cream, local eggs.

So, altogether it was really good. The only thing I want to experiment with is the stuffing. The bread got really crumbly when it was being mixed and didn't stay in squares very well. Good flavour but a little mushier than I like it.

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  1. for the stuffing you could try making a larger but thinner layer in the foil instead, and then bake it longer, and maybe awhile uncovered? might make it less mushy. maybe less broth too?
    I didn't know corn was genetically modified! how? and all corn?


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