Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Answer to you questions

Hey Leanne, just thought I would answer your questions here so you would for sure see it.

~ I don't think that organic corn is GM. I will have to do some more research as to whether all other corn is. I'm not sure where I heard it (maybe Jordan Rubin's book??) but corn and soybeans are usually GM. I'll have to check into that again, 'cause I really can't remember the source.

~ I liked your suggestion for the stuffing. Today I made a chicken casserole (gravy, chicken, veggies all mixed together and put in a dish topped with mashed potatoes and then topped with stuffing) I used to just put stovetop stuffing on the top, but alas I can't do that anymore. Today I just cut up some bread and added it to a butter/broth/spices mixture and coated it. Then I added it single layer on top of the potatoes. It was AWESOME! Even better than stovetop. They were nice and crunchy and tasted a little like stuffing seasoned croutons. LOVED IT!

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  1. glad the stuffing worked. homemade stuffing tastes so much better!


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