Monday, October 25, 2010


Sweet potatoes. Do you like them? I can't say that I do. But that is what TR came home from the grocery store with. 1 sweet potato.

So like a good little wife, I cooked it up for supper. Actually I only cooked up half of it, 'cause those things are massive and I had no idea how it was going to go over. Benjamin tried it, spit it out. Chloe wouldn't try it and we didn't push it (you can criticize my parenting later). I only put three little pieces on my plate. TR took a big helping.

I finished mine. But that last bite was a chore. I just can't quite get past the mushy texture. The flavour is not that bad. But I think that it will be an acquired taste for me. But the nutrient content is superb and it's really not that expensive, so I think that we will be eating in our house a little more. TR really liked it and that's enough to make me want to make it for him.

So, do you like sweet potatoes? If you do, please give me suggestions as to have to make it more creatively! Maybe I could even grow to enjoy them :)


  1. nope. that texture turns me off!
    but I have heard of people making fries with them.
    or maybe you could cube them and add seasoning and bake in the oven, might make it less mushy?

  2. here's a recipe I found in a magazine. just sub in the organic versions, and other oil.

  3. and when you make the fries your supposed to sprinkle w/ cinnamon.


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