Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hamburger Soup

I made the most AMAZING hamburger soup the other day for supper. As in AMAZING! But you might not think so, so if you don't think it's amazing don't blame me! But it really hit the spot for me and I just find my taste buds wanting more!

The recipe came from the Health and Hospitality book: It's simply called 'Hamburger Soup'. Here's my version:

~Cooked hamburger (I put it through the chopper 'cause I like it fine)
~Green lentils
~Pot barley
~Tomato juice (I used some of my garden tomatoes. I just skinned them and cooked them, strained them and added the juice to the soup)
~Taco Seasoning
~Celery salt (real celery would have been good but we didn't have any)
~Salt and pepper

Now you'll notice that I didn't add any amounts and that is because I didn't measure! I just did it until it looked/tasted right. I thought it was perfect, but TR said it would have been better with some potatoes.

The lentils and barley take the longest to cook, so I cooked them for a while in water and then when they were mostly soft I drained most of the remaining water and added the other ingredients.

Served with whole wheat biscuits fresh from the oven.

We are out of ground beef, but I seriously want to make this again soon so I think I will try it with some of the moose steak I have in the freezer. I'll let you know if it as good :)

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  1. that does sound good, especially on a cool day!
    where did you get moose meat?


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