Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2 Carts

This may get to be a bit long-winded. So beware!

I am about to let you in on a little secret: You can get some healthy foods right here at our own grocery store!

I am trying to reduce how often I go to the store so the new system I am trying is this: Buy as many non-perishable items as I think we'll need at the beginning of the month so the rest of the month is just quick trips. That makes for one big trip at the beginning of the month! Luckily my inlaws were able to come with me this time as we piled two carts to overflowing :)

~1 box of diapers -$28.99 (Huggies brand. I like buying the 'green' brand, but just had to settle this time since I know Benjamin will hardly ever be in them and therefore exposed to their chemicals.
~Green Peppers - $4.09
~Broccoli -$0.96
~Rubber Ball - $1.34 (a purchase for Chloe from her grandparents)
~ Romaine Lettuce - $1.49
~ Heinz Organic Ketchup - $5.79
~ p/Corn - $2.98 (puffed corn twists. A treat for the kids)
~ 2 boxes of Knox Gelatin - $2.89ea (I will be attempting to make healthy jello:)
~ 3 bags of dried white beans - $2.38ea
~ Organic Wheat Square cereal (like Shreddies) - $4.59
~ 3 boxes Organic Corn Pops - $4.99ea
~ bag of dried pot barley -$2.38
~ Real block of Parmesan - $11.21
~ 4 PC bittersweet chocolate bars - $4.49ea (I chop this for chips and use it for baking too)
~ 2 boxes of Power cereal - $9.99ea
~ PC organic Raisin Bran - $4.69
~ Hellman's Real Mayonnaise with olive oil - $6.29
~ 5 bags of Krinkle cut regular chips - $5.99ea
~ 6 blocks of PC organic old cheese - $5.99ea
~ Toilet paper (PC green) - $8.09
~ Sparkling juice - $ 2.99 (this is a splurge. It has the least amount of additives and is a nice treat for us when we'd like to have something special.)
~ 3 bags of tostitoes - $2.97ea (read the labels, the whole grain ones have more additives than the regular!)
~ 1 Lactania Whipping cream - $4.19
~ 5 bags of organic Gala apples - $4.39ea (on sale! Hooray!)
~ 10 2L jugs of PC Unfiltered 100% Apple Juice - $3.99ea
~ 3 Healthy Harvest Whole grain pasta boxes - $1.97ea (on sale! Hooray!)
~ 2 Ocean spray 100% Cranberry-Grape Juice - $9.19ea
~ 2 PC Celeb Margarine - $2.99ea (for Chloe while she is off dairy)
~ 15 1lb block of Neilson Butter - $3.99ea ($59.85 altogether!)
~ 1L Pure Maple Syrup - $18.89
~3 Orange Juice - $2.35 (50% off for near expiry date)
~ 2 PC Peach Tangerine Juice - $1.65 (50% off for near expiry date)
~ 3 Tropicana Grapefruit Juice - $4.98ea

I received my $15 off for coupon day, along with a gas coupon. The total of all these groceries was . . .


*I would just like to add a little side note: All the juice I buy is 100% juice, not from concentrate. The only exception to this is the 100% Cranberry Juice from concentrate, which is for Chloe to aid in her digestive tract.
**I have a few more items I need for this month at from S.A. and the drug store. I will keep you posted as to what else gets stocked in my cupboard :)


  1. you shoulda used two coupons, seeing as you had two carts!
    This is really helpful. But I saw no meat, rice, quineo and things on the list. How much do you buy throughout the rest of the month then?
    Anyway, I liked this post, can't wait to see the rest of the list!
    do you meal plan? maybe make a list of the meals you plan on cooking this week, or already did. I really like the recipe links and ideas!

  2. This is the first month I haven't used 3 coupons. The reason I didn't this month was just a personal conviction :(
    I buy all my meat from farmers (except for canned tuna and fish and I have lots of fish right now) Quinoa comes from the drug store, which is still on my list to buy. Rice does come from the grocery store, but I forgot to get more of that. I keep meaning to meal plan, but haven't really gotten into a good habit yet. I'll try to post more of that!


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