Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Moving by Fast!

I am around 13 weeks.  13 weeks!!!!!!  Seems a little unbelievable to me actually.  The first trimester is  nearing an end and soon, very soon, I will feel my baby moving!

I find it interesting how things change with every pregnancy.  This time around I find it even more astonishing how I will sometimes forget that I'm pregnant.  Not that I really forget, but it's not the first-most thought in my mind.  I have my first appointment with the doctor soon and instead of waiting anxiously like I have in past pregnancies, I am so busy caught up with what's going on with my other three children that I actually am starting to hope that I won't simply forget to go!  Not that I'm not excited to hear the heartbeat for the first time (because I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

What a wonderful gift is new life! 

I find myself often looking at Kara and while I'm very happy to have another baby, there is a measure of sadness for me in her being a big sister.  With every new baby the youngest one grows up.  And does it quickly!!  I feel sad that once the new baby is here Kara will be a "big girl".  It just happens and it's normal and natural - but it still pulls at my heart strings a little.  Not that she's not already growing up!  Every day she astonishes me with how she is losing her baby-ness.  The other day she asked for toast with "honey on the top" (how Ben always asks for toast).  She sounded so big!  She's often stringing together three words in her sentences now and almost always responds with answers when questioned instead of just copying back.  Although there are times she copies back and it makes the kids a little frustrated!  For example:
"Kara this is your car."
"Yours?" With head slanted and the cutest expression of questioning in her eyes.
"No Kara, it's yours!"
"No, yours!"

Putting her socks on so we can head out the door :)

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  1. the picture at the end is a perfect addition to the story. I truly love to listen (read) these tidbits Miranda. You are a wonderful mommy and daughter!


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