Monday, February 11, 2013

1st Wheat Filled Meal

I encountered my first wheat filled meal this weekend - and it looks like I was able to come away fed and unscathed! 

We had a sweethearts supper at our Church this weekend and TR and I had not planned on going.  For one thing - and in my mind the biggest thing - is that he might end up working and I sure didn't want to go alone!

Turns out he had the whole weekend off and they had a few tickets left, so very last minute we planned to go.

Being last minute we didn't have a chance to make sure the menu would be agreeable for us.  We were told it would be Parmesan chicken and pasta.  I figured I would be able to have the chicken and surely there would be salad right?

What I forgot is that parmesan chicken is often breaded!  So I had to scrape the bread off the chicken :(  And the salad was a caesar's salad which really isn't all that filling once the croutons are in your husbands bowl :(

But thankfully I am not celiac and I don't have a major sensitivity to wheat.  I was able to scrape the bread off and eat the chicken and still enjoy the meal.

I have to say that it is a bit of an uncomfortable experience to be picking at a meal and appearing to be very picky in front of people that don't know why I'm leaving so much food on my plate, and why I'm putting some of my food on TR's plate.  Some at the table knew that I can't eat wheat anymore, but there were two couples that wouldn't have known.

Oh well . . . at least there was something I could eat and I was able to enjoy a wonderful night out with my sweetheart - our very first celebration of valentines day!  He has always been working in the past, even while we were dating, so this was an exciting first! :)

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  1. NIce!!! we are way over due for a date too....although I'd rather skip the sweetheart supper and be alone. Glad you could find a way to enjoy the meal.
    Natalie encountered a major bad meal at a birthday party, full of wheat and sugar yesterday. She came home with a tummy ache, and while she said it was yummy and said it was worth it, she now knew what I meant in trying to eliminate these from our diet!


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