Wednesday, February 6, 2013

152! & Wheat Loss

I had my first prenatal today.

The very best part?

Hearing my baby's heartbeat :)  152 beats per minute.

*sigh*  I could listen to that sound for hours . . .


On another note that I think is pretty cool is that I wore pants the other day that didn't fit me 3 weeks ago.  Strange don't you think?  In a normal pregnancy you gain weight and clothes become tighter - not looser!

Not that I'm trying to lose weight by any means!

A few weeks ago I noticed that I could only wear my pants comfortably if the button was undone.  That was highly annoying and so I just resorted to leaving them in the drawer.  I'm not actually big enough for maternity clothes yet so I've just been wearing looser fitting skirts.

The other day I was really wanting to wear pants and since I was just going to be at home I figured what did it matter if I had to have the button undone all day?

I didn't have to undo the button once!

So instead of gaining inches around my middle - it seems to me that I've lost instead!  I haven't been sick.  I've been eating like normal - except . . .

Except for wheat.  I haven't eaten wheat in about a month.  If you do any research on it, lots of people say that they lose weight - and specifically inches around the waist by abandoning wheat.  And that is what I believe happened to me.  It's not to say the pants were loose on me all of a sudden - because they weren't, but they certainly were not as tight as they had been.

Certainly not the reason I gave up on wheat, but a cool side effect anyway :)  

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