Monday, February 4, 2013

1st Time Skating

Yesterday was a very exciting day for my Chloe - she went skating for the very first time!  About a month and a half ago I was in a second hand store and I looked at the skates with her foot size in mind but I really wanted to buy her hockey skates and not figure skates and either they didn't have any or I changed my mind (I can't actually remember why I didn't end up buying any!) I think I was also hesitant because I didn't want to buy her something that she would never use.  TR owns skates but is usually so busy in the winter working that he has never skated much.

We ended up going skating with some friends of ours and I began to wonder if maybe she would appreciate some skates.  So when I was back at the second hand store last week I looked and to my excitement, not only did they have a pair that I thought would fit Chloe, but it was also 50% off!  So I paid $3 for the pair.  I thought that even if she had no interest in them I wouldn't be out much money at all.

Was I ever in for a surprise!

She absolutely LOVED the skates.  She put them on in the porch and kept them on for 15 minutes sometimes. 

She would wake up in the morning and rush to try on her skates again.  She would ask and ask again for us to take her skating.  I was supposed to go to a woman's retreat on Saturday but TR ended up working and I had to stay home.  On Friday night she didn't know yet that TR was not going to be home with them the next day and went to bed so excited because Daddy was going to take her to the "skating park" the next day.  I think it was almost all she thought about!  I couldn't take her skating on Saturday, but on Sunday it finally worked to go!

We went with my sister and her boyfriend, Mark.  TR didn't skate as he was very tired that day - he got to watch Kara and Benjamin play all over the bleachers :)  Mark is a good skater and he was so kind and patient and taught Chloe how to skate! 

It was so precious to watch.  She had this serious expression on her face and was so intent on concentrating on learning.  She fell a few times, but nothing serious or painful (I was so thankful for that!).  She did not want to stop and we ended up being there for over an hour. 

She didn't complain once that her feet hurt or that she was tired.  By the end she was pushing her support away and skating to it, and even skating towards Mark without any help.  I was so proud of her!  I have come to realize that when she wants to do something she goes hard core for it.  With the same enthusiasm and determination that she is learning to swim, is the same as when she was learning to skate yesterday.

Even Benjamin got to skate! Although I think he had more fun falling down on purpose! Silly boy :)


  1. LOL looks like Jessica isn't as good a teacher! :)
    I love watching the kids try something hard or new and succeed!

  2. O what a really special glad that you shared it all on here Miranda, I love to be a part of these things like this. Chloe is one determined little lady, that is a real gift from the Lord and will do her well in the future:)


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