Monday, July 12, 2010

One Week Down

The first week is done. And guess what?!?!? I mostly followed the diet. There were a few things I shouldn't have eaten, but overall I did good. And so did TR. There are some things that are a little frustrating - TR is having a hard time with giving up pop. I am finding it hard to find things for the kids to snack on. I am craving chocolate like crazy, but most chocolate has some bad stuff in it. For example, the semi-sweet chocolate chips I used to buy like crazy that I thought were actually healthy - contain too much sugar and actually have artificial flavour! So now I need to find something else that is not straight cocoa, but is still healthy. I am struggling with drinking enough water. I find that the days I remember to drink water are the days I feel the best. I am also finding that it's hard when things get busy. Starting on Tuesday afternoon and going right through to Saturday things were pretty busy around here. It's hard not to fall back on old habits when it comes to what I cook - and there's not enough time to make a salad. I think this week when I buy our veggies I will wash them and put them in my fridge smarts so that I am more prepared when things get crazy. I think it would also be a good idea to fill enough cups for all the water I should be drinking, in the morning so that I can see them and be reminded.

This next week includes the diet, along with adding supplements. So I will be trying to add multivitamins, calcium magnesium, omega 3 oil and alfafa. They recommend using whole food vitamins, whole food calcium magnesium, whole food supergreens, and cod liver oil. Whole food supplements are actually super expensive and since I already know of Shaklee and trust their research (their vitamins are very easily absorbed into the body) I will be using that instead, along with their Omega 3 fish oil capsules.

So, here is a list of my goals for this week:
- figure out some healthy snacks that are easy to pack for the kids (dried apricots are good, but a little variety is nice))
- drink enough water
- figure out something for TR to drink that will help him when he's craving a pop.
- plan my menu and stick it up on the fridge, and do as much pre-work as possible to make it easier when things get busy.


  1. I posted a link to Rachel on facebook that had a recipe for homemade granola and granola bars. I haven't made these yet but hope to soon.
    If you like spinach, what I do sometimes instead of salad is just have spinach leaves with a touch of dressing.
    water: I fill my reusable water bottle and tell myself to drink 3 of them. I have it on my counter and do not too bad. i feel better then too.
    This website might help you with dinner(although you might have to make substitutions)

    Do your kids like eggs? I give mine some hard boiled ones as a nice protein snack.
    Just one day at a time, one day it'll all be second nature. I can't imagine how hard this is. I try to be healthier, but when out and about and visiting people I can have "cheat" days, but you can't.
    Hope that this week will better.

  2. I've always liked to as much as possible while my kids are napping. sometimes I even make the whole meal, other times just part.
    And you could wash and ready the next days snacks after they go to bed at night. a few more minutes than saves time the next day.
    Good idea for me too, because although I like to plan the meals,I'm bad for remmebering snacks and then they end up eating things they shouldn't.

  3. oh, and I want to know what your're eating because I need ideas.


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