Wednesday, July 7, 2010

1st Supper

Yesterday was Day 1. The only thing they recommend that you change is supper. I tried to eat healthier all day, but I admit, I failed a few times. I guess it is good that it starts out slowly!

We started the meal with a green salad - lettuce, red peppers, cucumbers, bean sprouts, celery (TR had mushrooms too) with oil based dressings. I need to get a better dressing, but these were the best I could do for yesterday. (greek feta and orgegano and italian)

After the salad we had the main course which turned out awesome! The meat dish was one I've done before, but this time I made some healthy adjustments and WOW! It was even better. Here's what we ate:

Anne's Fabulous Grilled Chicken (recipe originally calls for Salmon)
Brown Basmati Rice (bought at our drug store)
Lightly steamed broccoli

Instead of soy sauce on the rice I just made extra sauce that the chicken was in, instead of margarine on the broccoli we used butter. Instead of regular salt, we used sea salt.

So here is the recipe for the chicken. I found it on

1 tbsp vegetable oil (I used butter)
1 tbsp soy sauce (I used organic REAL soy sauce from our drug store)
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce (I omitted this)
1 lemon, juiced.
1/2 tsp grated fresh ginger root (so much better than powder!)
2 tbsp honey
1/3 cup fresh basil leaves (straight from my garden :)
1 tbsp finely chopped shallots (I used fresh onions and their greens from my garden)
1 (3 pound) salmon fillet, with skin (I used pieces of chicken)

And then for dessert we had organic blueberries I got from the grocery store with whipped cream sweetened with real vanilla extract and real maple syrup (just a tad of this)

It was amazing. And I actually had some energy when supper was over. I really liked the three course thing. Didn't plan it that way, the supper just took longer than I had anticipated (the brown rice took longer to cook than the stuff I usually used) so we had the salad first, and we don't usually have dessert, but it was nice. It was a good incentive for Chloe to finish her meal, and it was a good way to end a good meal.

Now I have to go, my stomach is growling and I'm anxious to try my organic apple with my almond butter :)


  1. wow! that sounds fabulous!
    question: I always buy brown basmati rice. but you got yours from the drug store, whats wrong with the stuff at extra foods?
    I know that non- organic soy sauce isn't good, but had no idea you could get organic at the drug store. i will really have to check out their new food section. and again is powdered ginger bad? or you just had the root?
    And when we cook for you, how much would it set TR back if we use non-organic? I want to try and buy more organic things, but I might not have everything like you do.

    yikes. hope i don't tire you out with all these questions.
    I can't wait to try this chicken.

  2. Well, I looked at Extra Foods for the brown basmati rice but all I found was brown long rice with wild rice mixed in. If I could find it at there I would probably buy it there as I'm sure it would be cheaper. It's not just the organic soy sauce, it's the REAL stuff. The other stuff I was using (VH and China Lily) is basically the artificial stuff. As far as I know powdered ginger isn't bad, the real stuff just tastes so much better. We are not eating all non-organic. It is impossible to find everything organic here. If I find something organic I try to buy that instead, but if I can't than I don't :) For example, we only eat organic apples, but you can't buy organic peppers, but I still buy them. So, the biggest thing we are avoiding is chemicals and preservatives. Please still invite us over! We would love to spend time with you.
    I love the questions! I am no expert, but I am slowly learning.


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