Thursday, April 4, 2013

Vaccinations - What Should You Do?

I was a very good first time Mom.

I did everything that the Dr. said I should do.

That included vaccinating Chloe from the time she was 2 months old.

I was very dedicated and made sure that she was there on time.  2 months.  4 months.  6 months. until she had reached the end of those shots and we had a break.  Benjamin got all of his shots too, although some of them were a little late.  We were busier and remembering to go in was harder.

By the time Benjamin was a year old I had developed a few doubts about vaccinations.  But I did them anyway - more out of fear than anything.  After all if I didn't then he would get sick and it would be my fault.  And not only might Benjamin get sick, he might make other kids sick and then there will be this huge problem and it will be all my fault for not listening to those wise wise doctors who always give advice based on what is best for us.

I feel a whole lot differently now!  For one thing I understand that those wise doctors pockets are lined from the companies that profit off of us obeying their every command for shots and prescriptions.  Lines get a little blurry when money is involved.

I'm no longer willing to just take their word for it.

I want to know for myself.

And you know what?  I think that makes me a good Mom too.

So for now Kara has had no vaccinations.  And Chloe who "should" be getting her 5/6 year shots won't be.

Perhaps one day they will get their vaccinations.  But not until I have peace about it.  Not until I have learned more about it.

So what is there to learn you ask?  Maybe you are like me and have just taken your child in without giving any thought to it, just trusting that "they" know what's best?  Here's a place you might start:

I would recommend you borrow these books from your library.  It's free (minus your membership)!.   

Some concerns about vaccines:
  • they contain cells from an aborted baby
  • they contain high levels of toxic matter that could severely harm your child.  Mercury and Aluminum are two of those.  
  • They don't guarantee that your child is safe from those diseases.  No follow up is ever done to determine whether or not your child is now immune to them.  For example I have had the Rubella shot twice and I still show up as never having had it.  My body just hasn't "taken" to it.  I don't think it is as rare as the medical world wants you to believe.  Just because your child has the shot for chicken pox, doesn't mean they can't get chicken pox.
There are more concerns, but I highly recommend that you do the research yourself.  Read about it.  Ask questions.  Don't be willing to just do what the medical world assumes is best.  They have agendas too.  I have read that vaccines should not be a "one size fits all" because we are all different.  For some vaccines are totally fine - for others they may cost them way too much.  
It is very overwhelming to consider not vaccinating.  I don't have a medical degree and doing the research myself is not all that much fun.  I understand the desire to just do what the medical world thinks is best for my child.  But I challenge you to look deeper and to ask questions and to not just follow without first being sure.  I also encourage you to pray about it.  The Great Physician made us, after all. 

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  1. All my are vaccinated, right down to the chicken pox one! I definitely have started thinking about it, wondering what in the world is in those things!
    I know, that for now I am not giving Natalie her grade 5 one until I know more.


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