Thursday, April 11, 2013

Creams I Reach For Again and Again

Just wanted to share with you two creams that I find myself using a lot.  One of them I made myself and the other we bought. 

Of course I can't remember the exact recipe for how I made this cream.  I originally made the cream using yarrow and lemon balm oil that I infused myself (steeped the herbs in olive oil for several weeks and then strained the herbs out).  I took the infused olive oil and added some beeswax and probably some shea butter and coconut oil.  When I developed a a painful patch of eczema on my hand several months ago I started experimenting with how to soothe my skin.  I tried some other creams I had made and added lavender essential oil.  I tried using just lavender essential oil.  I had just gotten in some chamomile essential oil and decided to give it a try.  I took the cream I had already made and melted it, then added lavender and chamomile essential oils (the chamomile is what turned it into a green colour).  Relief.  Pure Relief.  I also used it on Ben's eczema patches and it healed his skin too. 

This cream has a Chinese name, Ching Wan Hung, but essentially it is a burn cream - and I can't even tell you how many times I've used it!  We first learned about it when TR's brother told us about it.  He had gotten severe burns on his back that should have received medical care.  He was in intense pain.  His girlfriend found this cream in a Chinatown shop and they began to use it.  He healed completely with hardly a scar.  TR and I decided this sounded great as it is completely natural and as TR is often welding with his job he gets lots of burns!  It is a brown cream that has a strong odour to it but does it ever work!  Just yesterday I touched a cast iron skillet that had been in a very hot oven and it really hurt. I was sure it was going to blister.  I applied this cream on several times that evening.  The pain wasn't gone right away and it was red - but this morning I can't even tell I burned myself. No pain and my skin looks normal.  I gave some of this cream to a friend and she had the same experience.  We bought it here.  This site also has a list of the ingredients.  Another good site with information about the cream is here.


  1. wow cool!! I need to buy some of that eczema cream off you! Carter's eczema comes back terrible every summer.

    1. Really? I find Ben's to only come in the winter months and it's nearly non-existent in the summer. Maybe you should come over and help me make it :)


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