Friday, April 29, 2011

Not exactly like planned

So the pre-soaked bread did not turn out exactly how I planned it. The dough was very stretchy and very promising at first. I used a recipe that I found online and it turned out okay, but did not rise very well and I had to use lots of extra flour. So I decided to use the recipe that I used last time that produced very good bread. The dough looked really good - but when I went to punch it down it was super duper runny. When I went to form it into bread/buns it pretty much wanted to run off the counter. The buns ended up being really flat. (you pretty much need 2 to make a sandwich!)

So I think I will try this again with some variations - but not this time. It is way too close to when the baby comes. I will just put the pre-soaked bread on hold until later. Right now I just need to have something edible and taste-worthy in the freezer to get me through those first few weeks.

Right now I have several things soaking to be baked tomorrow. So we'll see how those turn out.

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