Friday, April 15, 2011

Struggle with Heartburn

Last summer TR took steroids for several weeks in order to get his colitis under control. For a few weeks it worked, and then his symptoms started coming back. That's when we started the new diet and everything changed. He has never taken another prescription for his colitis since.

But while he was taking the steroids he was also on an antacid. He was told the steroids were hard on his stomach and the antacids would help with that. He also has a narrowing of the esophagus presumably from too much acid and so the hope was it would help with that too.

The only problem is that he never experienced heartburn. One winter he did, but not since then. After he was done with the steroids he had lots of heartburn. And so now he has been on antacids everyday. Several weeks ago it got really bad. To the point that even if he remembered to take them every day he still had heartburn, sometimes really really painful.

And now . . . he has stopped taking the antacids. And there is no heartburn! I can hardly believe it. He says that occasionally there is some minor heartburn, but he was experiencing that even with his antacids.

Wanna know what he did???

He started taking coconut oil. A little in his tea every day. Yes in his tea. I've done it and it tastes good and not oily at all.

All I can say is how very thankful I am. I have a real dislike for prescription drugs. To me the list of side effects makes them very unattractive. If there is a natural and safer way to handle the body's problems I think it is way better. And I was worried about how these antacids would harm TR's body over such a long period of time.

I really couldn't say that he's out of the woods yet. It's only been about a week. But so far so good! What a wonderful blessing!

p.s. If you want to know more about the wonderful things that Coconut Oil can do read "The Coconut Oil Miracle" by Bruce Fife. We have ordered a big jar of Coconut oil and I'm going to see what else it can do for our family. I'll keep you posted :)

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