Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sweet and Sour

I tried to make sweet and sour meatballs this past week. I say tried, because, well, it didn't exactly turn out :(

On a happy note, TR liked it. He said it tasted really good, just they didn't taste at all like sweet and sour!

My problem I think, is that I didn't take the time to properly think about the recipe. I decided that it should be easy enough to simply substitute healthier ingredients and that the outcome would be about the same. Yikes! Was I ever WRONG!

Okay, so the first problem I ran into was the tomato soup. My recipe calls for tomato soup. That's not something we have in our house anymore - so I thought, okay, I will just add whole tomatoes. And I didn't measure. I just threw them in (way too many turns out!).

Next I used honey instead of brown sugar. Shouldn't be too big of a deal, right?

Then it was real soy sauce instead of artificial.

I think the rest of the ingredients were about the same as normal.

I taste tested it after a while. YIKES! It was AWFUL!!!!!!!

Way too tomato-ie. I tried adding some organic sugar. That helped a bit. A bit more soy sauce.

In the end the sauce was edible. TR liked it more than I did. But it was NOT sweet and sour by any means.

So until I find a new recipe that calls for some ingredients that we have in the house, I don't think that sweet and sour will be on the menu again any time soon :)

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  1. just do less tomato, as tomato soup is pretty mild compared to tomatoes.
    and how about adding pineapple? I love pinapple in my sweet & sour sauce.


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