Friday, August 3, 2012


I don't know how many of you readers have experienced the frustrations of food sensitives, lately we've been experiencing them far more than usual.
TR has always been sensitive to dairy.  For a while he could have whipping cream but not milk or cheese.  Organic cheese seemed to be okay and raw milk was okay.  But then he started getting a reaction from whipping cream.  And the cheese was starting to bother him.  He's had reaction to butterscotch chips (the worst reaction he's had until lately), walnuts and hazelnuts.
Then the really strange reactions came.
He reacted to pan fried chicken and rice.
He reacted to pizza made with soy cheese and toppings he'd had before.
He reacted to fresh chocolate chip cookies.
What kind of reaction?  His throat feels tight, like he's choking.  His chest hurts and feels like it's closing in.  It's hard to breathe.
After a few hours it has gone away and he's fine.  But in the midst of it . . . not so pleasant. It makes him tired.  It makes him very afraid to eat.
We just can't figure out what it is that's setting it off.  All the ingredients that I used were ones he has had before in a different meal before with no problems.

What is going on?

A naturopath I spoke to suggested that it could be a combination.  He's okay with food A and B separately but not together. So he went in and got a bunch of blood work done and when this naturopath is finished vacation then he will be going to see her with the hopes that something will show up and we can figure this out.  It's not a whole lot of fun when you're afraid that something you used to eat might now make you hurt.   I'm so thankful that although these reactions have been hard, he hasn't had to have prescription drugs or any other medical intervention.   It could've been worse and we are thankful.

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  1. Oh no! this is awful. poor T.R! I hope it can be healed soon!


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