Monday, August 20, 2012

Results and Raspberries

While we have been waiting for a local naturalpath doctor to come home from vacation TR went in and got some blood work done.  He had quite a few tests done on his blood and last week (or was it 2 weeks ago? . . . ) he went in for the results.  And they all came back normal.  The only thing that showed up was a slight dairy allergy - which we weren't surprised about at all.  He didn't show any signs of being allergic to wheat.  So now we just keep waiting and see if the naturapath can find anything, although I am a little suspicious that his problem might be in the gluten free flour mix I was using . . . I hope not!  But it is quite possible.  Until then I haven't been using the gluten free flours for anything that TR will be eating unless I know he's had it before without a reaction.  For example: he reacted to the cookies so no cookies, but the gluten free brownies were fine, so I've still made those.

We picked raspberries again yesterday and it might be the last time.  I have to say it would be nice to have a break from picking but it has been such a huge blessing!  We have so much in the freezer, I've dehydrated some, I've made some fruit leather, I've canned some juice, I've fermented some (more about the fermenting in another post :)  I am so thankful that my Mom has so many bushes and so little use for them herself :)  And I am also very thankful that my kids have been doing so well when I go out there.  My Mom has often been working when we've been there and the kids have just entertained themselves.  Fresh berries, grown local and organic  - for free!  We absolutely love raspberries and now we can enjoy them all winter long too.

Today I am really hoping to make sauerkraut! I bought 2 big cabbages from the farmers market and I think today is the day :)  My Mom gave me a stone crock used for fermenting vegetables that was my Grandma's and I am so excited to use it! I don't like sauerkraut to be quite honest.  But that's besides the point!  It is healthy and if I make myself eat it maybe I will grow to like it?  I didn't grow up eating sour or fermented foods and I really have to say that I can hardly even swallow yogurt.  BUT maybe I can learn to like it.  I hope!!

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