Thursday, May 17, 2012

When he's away

When TR was first diagnosed with colitis I was very afraid of what would happen if he had to be away for a while.  His job actually wasn't going very well at the time and he was seriously considering another job.  He looked around a lot - sent off resumes - we borrowed the paper every week and scoured the ads.  He considered jobs that weren't really what he wanted but would be better than where he was.  Very briefly he thought about a job that was on a rotation schedule - you know, in camp for 2 weeks, home for 1 (or something like that).  But the thought of him living on camp food was enough to squelch that idea (thank goodness!!!)

Thankfully over the last couple years he has become much healthier and he's also learned a little about which foods will make things worse very quickly.  Once this month is over he will have been away for 20 days (10 at a time).  The first time he left he really didn't take much food with him as he had no idea where he was staying.  And so thankfully he really did awesome!!!  The place he was eating his lunches at was very homemade and pretty safe and for suppers he alternated between buying a few groceries and cooking himself and eating out.  You know your husband loves you when he resists buying grocery store meat and eating his spaghetti without ground beef just because he knows how you would feel about that meat! That is love friends :)  And it totally made my day!

When he left the second time he knew where he would be staying and how he could cook so we packed up some food for him.  He is still eating his lunches at the same place but now he is making his suppers.  Here's a bit of what we packed him:
  • chili
  • hamburgers
  • steak and potatoes
  • cooked ground beef for spaghetti & tacos
  • canned chicken
So now he can have meat with his meals and not feel bad about it.  Most of these are quick meals as he gets off work 6-7ish.  

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