Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We're going on a trip and we're bringing . . .

. . . our own food!

Some people may think we are a little crazy. After all, what fun is a vacation if you don't get to eat out?

Well, we will be eating out. Just not for every meal.

Here's our reasons:
  1. We don't want TR to get a flare up. Probably the biggest reason.
  2. It's cheaper
  3. It tastes better
  4. We'd like to avoid getting the runs and stomach pains. (If that is too much info just close your ears :) This has happened before to all 4 of us (Kara wasn't born yet) after a whole weekend away with hardly a home cooked meal. Not fun.
  5. It's healthier
  6. We can eat wherever and whenever we want - and let the kids get some steam out while we're at it! Some of my best traveling memories are when TR and I packed a lunch and ate it while the kids ran around and did crazy things (after quickly wolfing down some food of course). If it's nice outside we can breath some fresh air and stretch. Much better than trying to keep the kids from disturbing everyone in a restaurant, only to have them leave over half of their meal. And we don't have to wake a sleeping baby because we're hungry and we won't be in another town for hours.

So what are we eating? Same old same old?

Nope! I decided that just because we were taking our food doesn't mean it has to be the same things we're eating now. So I splurged a bit on the money and on the health and found some treats. Pretty risque I know - but I did try to still get something a little on the "healthier" side. Here's a few things we're treating ourselves to:

  • yogurt (I do buy this for the kids from time to time but it is a treat because of all the fillers)
  • Salmon dinner with sparkling juice (the salmon we love is actually farm raised and so not so healthy)
  • regular chips
  • organic fudge cookies (store bought!!)
  • fairly natural crackers (Kashi brand)
  • Chocolate covered fruit (it's not actually fruit, but made from fruit)
  • Special cereal for Kara to eat as finger food
  • boughten bread! For sandwiches and toast (we're eating Sprouted Grain bread) This is a big treat for me because I don't have to make it!
  • Sandwich meat (the Natural brand)
  • applesauce cups with different flavours (I prefer to buy them the organic applesauce so the flavours are a real treat)
  • Juice boxes
  • Popcorn twists (not exactly healthy, but the don't have all the additives)
  • grapes (a real treat in this house as they are one of the worst fruits for chemicals)

So there's my list! The kids are so excited they are having such a hard time waiting. These foods are so exciting to my kids and once they saw what we are bringing can hardly stand it! I love that they are easy to please. I am thankful that we can do this without being too worried about TR. A flare up is no easy thing - not for him, and not for his family either. I am so thankful that he is able to be a little more relaxed now and that we can splurge on these foods. I am thankful that we can take food with us and still be able to eat out for some meals. I am so thankful that we have supplements and vitamins that we can take with us that will help to keep TR healthy. I am also really thankful that we can have a vacation! Hurray!!!


  1. I love your blog! I find this kind of stuff so interesting and it's great to get more information. Can't wait to read more!! And have a great trip.. Trevor told me you guys are going to Ladysmith! That's awesome, I sooo love Vancouver Island. Can't wait to hear about it :)

  2. personally I like the idea of stopping at parks to eat and play instead of being in a stuffy resturaunt! And it is good to have a blend of healthy and treats.Sounds like an awesome list of food, and I cannot wait to hear all about your trip!!!


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