Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bread Day!

T0day was bread day. Always a very busy day! I make my bread using organic wheat that grows near here. I buy the grains from the farmer and grind them myself. Usually I make 5 batches of bread but today I made 6. Each batch has 5 cups of flour in it - so today I used 30 cups of flour! Here is the recipe that I am currently using:

Start the grinder. Measure 8 cups of grains into the hopper. (today I did this 3 times)

Sift the flour 3 times. (I remove a lot of the germ and bran as it is hard to digest without sprouting or fermenting (like sourdough) and it just makes my bread really dense)

Measure 2 cups of warm water - pour into bread machine.

Add 2 tsp. of salt.

Add 1 large tablespoon of honey.

Melt coconut oil on the stove. Pour 1/2 cup of melted oil into machine.

Add 5 cups of sifted flour.

Add 1 1/4 tbsp of instant dry yeast.

Put tired baby to bed :)

Once the machine starts mixing put the timer on for 8 minutes. Turn machine off and put into an oiled bowl to rise.

After about an hour punch the dough down and form into loaves or buns.

(this bowl holds three recipes of bread - or 15 cups of flour)

Let rise until doubled - about an hour or so.

Bake at 350 F. 45 minutes for bread. 20 minutes for buns.

Clean up the kitchen - then enjoy :)


  1. stink that's a lot of bread, what a day! do you do that every week?
    I loved that shot where you can see Chloe in the background sitting on the table, totally made me smile! and the one with Kara crying, cute!
    so. how come your bread looks darker than your buns after they are done baking?

  2. Oh and I just loved all the step by step photos, so fun!

  3. it's usually once a week - but sometimes it lasts longer and then I get a break. We can easily go through a loaf a day. If TR's not working we go through less buns - but he's been needing lots of buns lately so I made an extra dozen and a half than I normally would.
    I love that picture with the kids (Ben's there too) on the table too! They were working on a puzzle almost all morning!
    And I have no idea why the bread is darker! Maybe because it's taller and closer to the element? That's the only thing I can think of.


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