Monday, July 11, 2011


Lately TR has been suffering from his Colitis again. Having a 'flair up'. We've definitely been more relaxed in our diet and not being as careful when at other people's homes, but TR discovered some information yesterday that makes us question whether there's more than just our diet at fault.

His discovery?

Some people have connected mercury poisoning with colitis (along with several other diseases/disorders.).

Where are we exposed to mercury?

Teeth. More specifically, the silver fillings to fix cavities. They are almost 50% mercury.

Please join us in prayer as we try to find a specialist who can answer our questions and perform the removals.

And take a look at this if you're interested in a first-hand account:

TR found from everything he was reading yesterday that all those with Colitis who had their fillings removed and replaced with other kinds of non-mercury fillings became colitis free! From everything I've read about mercury this doesn't surprise me at all. Mercury is very damaging to the body, even in small amounts. Anyway, please pray for us as we look into this. It would be a very expensive and time consuming ordeal, we want to make sure it would work.

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