Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Week in my life

Well, I was very gently reminded that it has been a LONG time since I posted anything on here. So in order to appease you my wonderful family I will try posting again :)

I figured I would start with what we've been eating.

Breakfast was a mix. The kids had toast with peanut butter (the natural kind) and honey. I had omelets with organic cheese and toast (sprouted whole grain bread).
Lunch: The kids and I had pancakes. I usually follow my old recipe and just adapt it. I use flour from a local farmer, butter, b.powder, eggs, cream. Of course I added chocolate chips :) These were simply chopped from a large chocolate bar (PC brand), as I have yet to find artificial free chocolate chips.
Supper: Canned chicken, mashed potatoes, corn.

Breakfast was about the same.
Lunch: Cream of wheat :)
Supper: Spag. and sauce with chicken and red peppers. I have to admit that I cheated on this meal. I love angel hair pasta. We all do. As yet we have been unable to find a whole grain angle hair pasta. So yesterday we had pasta made with white flour :(

Tuesday (today):
Breakfast: The kids had organic corn puffs with cream. I had cream of wheat.
Lunch: The kids had leftovers from supper last night. I had omelets and an apple with almond butter.

You'll notice that I don't list on here what TR's been eating. For breakfast he usually has toast with p.butter and honey or cereal and cream. Lunch lately has been sandwiches made with either meatloaf or chicken.

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  1. I love it when you tell me what your eating! :)
    I have waiting to this one updated.
    How about more info on some of the products you've been buying online, and do a review on them so I know what I should/shouldn't buy!


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