Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Better Health Store

Here is a list of the products that I've ordered from The Better Health Store found at

All of the products are from Garden of Life - this is the company that Jordan Rubin started.

Acid Defense: $21.99
~ A good product for TR as he deals with a lot of acid reflux. Not for the faint of heart though as it is a powder that needs to be mixed with liquid and then swallowed. TR can do it no problem but he is a pro at swallowing gross things as he has to crush all of his pills. Jessica tried this and nearly gagged.

Coconut Oil Extra Virgin: $9.57
~ The only way to buy coconut oil is the extra virgin. This is as unprocessed as it gets. Super healthy. We like it a lot, but it is expensive so we use it only sparingly. TR's Mom got us a bigger container in the city so I need to compare prices and see which is cheaper. You can get a bigger container of this from the better health store.

Ocean Kids DHA Chewable: $13.45
~ Really like this. Cheaper than Shaklee. It is little round gell-type balls. The kids can chew them. They like them, never said anything about it tasting funny.

Old World Icelandic Cod Liver Oil: $10.17
~ Not nearly as bad as I thought! It tastes like minty oil. TR really doesn't like it though as he burps fishy taste for a while. I don't have that problem. I don't experience much of an after taste.

Omegazyme: $23.49
~ This is a great product! TR finds he has a much easier time digesting things when he takes this first.

Perfect Food Chocolate Raspberry: $2.69
~ Probably the best whole food bar I've tried. This was coated in chocolate! Loved it!

Perfect Food Organic Bar: $2.69
~ Not as big a fan of this one as it didn't have chocolate :) But it was still good.

Primal Defense Ultra: $53.49
~ Cheaper than Shaklee these probiotics contain a lot more probiotics too. They are in a gel capsule which is great 'cause then TR can just empty it into his liquid, and I can hide it in the kids' juice (with a lid on as it is dark).

Probiotic Smile: $18.70
~ I really liked these. Little mint-type 'candies' that you take twice a day after brushing. My mouth felt way cleaner and smelt better too! A little expensive so I'm not sure I'll get these again for a while. But man were they nice!

Raw Cleanse: $29.95
~ I can't really give a good review of this product as TR never finished it. He found it just tasted too foul.

Wobenzym N: $119.97
~ Super expensive, but it has been lasting a long time. This is to help with TR's inflammation in his body. If you experience of any kind I would recommend it.

So that's the list of what I've ordered from this site. I've made another order but it hasn't been shipped yet. I'm going to be trying more of their bars, and then some products from a few different manufacturers. Some conditioner, toothpaste and some more bars.

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  1. Thanks Miranda. i will check these out. now aseveral of these products are similar in nature, do you take them all, or just one of each type?


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