Saturday, August 24, 2013

He's Here!!

Amidst all the chaos in our lives . . .

Has come this blessing . . .

William Isaiah Wayne was born on Monday, August 19 at 2 in the morning.  He came after a mere 2 hours of labour.  I say mere because it was short - not easy!  In some ways it was much more difficult than some of my longer labours, but that's a story to have over tea :)  There were no complications and the doctors and nurses were so good and did everything I wanted.    So right now we're packing up our house, we're missing TR who is at the acreage every waking minute to get our house ready, we're having lots of meltdowns and tears (thankfully it's mostly the kids - so far my emotions have been fairly stable), we're adjusting to a new baby while having our lives totally changed.  We're so thankful that Granny (TR's Mom) has been here to help us.  I've been able to rest lots and recover from birthing my sweet babe.

William got to go to our acreage already!  We went when he was 2 days old for Papa's birthday celebration.

He is such a sweet babe and we all love him like crazy!!  Ben is so happy to have a brother and my girls always want to hold him and kiss him. 

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  1. What a blessing to have been able to be there to help....Thank you lovely daughter for letting me help, it is always pleasure. Keep having the babies and I will keep coming :)


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