Thursday, December 9, 2010

Unbake Cookies

I made some pretty good unbaked cookies yesterday. The best result I've had with using honey in them actually. I cut the sugar in half and used honey (3/4 cup honey instead of 1.5 cups sugar) and then kept everything else the same. Well I didn't measure the oats. I measured the coconut and then added oats until I thought it looked good. I think I used about 1/2 cup less oats than was called for. And they are pretty good! Different than if they had been made with sugar, but pretty good none the less!

And on top of that, I made monster cookies and they actually turned out more than edible. They were actually pretty good!

Either I am finally getting the hang of baking with honey, or it's been so long since I've had the sugared kind that my baking is starting to taste better to me. Either way, it's a good feeling to make something that tastes good :)

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  1. it is so frustrating when baking doesn't turn out...all that time, money, ingrediants wsated. I am so glad that some things have worked lately!! woohoo!


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